Sustainable Merfolk Fashion

Our hobby/sport/profession isn't always as eco-friendly as it could and should be.

As merfolk, we tend to like our plastic shells, beads, netting, paint, and glitter. If the proper materials have not been used (as well as secured), you could be leaching chemicals and bits of plastic into whatever water you are swimming in.

This becomes extremely problematic when you are out in natural waters like lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year and it is so important that we as merfolk do whatever we can to help and avoid contributing to the problem.

In an effort to reduce textile waste, conserve water, and reduce pollution, all of our products are made to order. This is called "slow fashion" and it is a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of running a fashion-based business.

We appreciate your patience and support as we do our part to reduce waste and help protect our oceans. 💙