Designed by a Mermaid

Hi! My name is Courtney (she/they) and I am the mermaid artist/creator behind all the designs you see in the shop. 💚

I am a one-mermaid show and my goal with my shop is to create super comfortable, functional, and sustainable mermaid tops to help you live your life #soMERMAID!

There was a saying at one point, in our community, that being a mermaid was about being terribly uncomfortable while looking completely at peace and at one with the water. It used to drive me crazy when people would say this to me because I am Autistic and a great deal of my life is already uncomfortable and I don't need my special interest to add to it. 😅 So I went on a journey to create my own line of mermaid tops that would enhance my experience while giving me the authentic mermaid magic I was wishing for!

It has been a huge learning journey over the years and I'm so proud of how far the shop has come and I owe so much to the amazing fishes who have purchased, shared, supported, and encouraged me! 💙

If you would like to learn more about me and what I do as a mermaid, you can check out my main website at as well as my YouTube channel!

​Happy Swimming!
​Courtney Mermaid