Handmade With Love

Welcome to the shop! My name is Courtney (AKA Courtney Mermaid) and I am the artist/creator behind all the designs you see in my shop. πŸ’š

I am an Autistic, one-person show from the creation process, to the production process (with the exception of my apparel which thankfully I have a supplier who helps me fulfill those orders), to social media management, customer service, and more!

I work passionately to bring to life the most authentic mermaid experience I can, however due to the fact that I am neurodivergent and live with chronic pain, I am sometimes slow to respond to emails and comments. I may also require more time to complete work tasks due to the need for unexpected rest days.Β 

I understand from experience that this can be frustrating for some and have chosen to be as upfront as I can so that you may rest assured that I am doing my best and that I greatly appreciate your patronage.

Happy Swimming!
Courtney Mermaid πŸ’šπŸ’™

If you would like to watch me bring a custom mermaid tail to life from start to finish, you can check out the video below!