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Land Workout for Mermaids eBook

Land Workout for Mermaids eBook

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Welcome to my first ever fitness eBook where I share my own personal mermaid land-based exercises that you can do at home to help you level up your mermaid game in and out of the water!

In this guide I will provide you with step by step images as well as information on how each exercise will help you as a mermaid.

At the very end of this eBook I have shared with you two of my favourite recipes that have helped me so much on my mermaid journey!

The goal of this guide is not to help you lose weight nor is it meant to substitute any medical advice you have received from your primary health care provider.

The goal here is to help you improve your mermaid experience both on land and in the water!

This eBook covers the following:

  • The equipment you'll need
  • 20 unique exercises (with images) centered around the mermaid experience
  • 6 key points to remember on your journey
  • Electrolyte drink recipe
  • Chocolate protein smoothie recipe

Always consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

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Customer Reviews

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Kadence Gibson

Land Workout for Mermaids eBook

Land Workout Challenge Accepted!

I can't wait to start doing these workouts! They are super straightforward and hit on every major mer-muscle group!