Slow Fashion

All of our apparel, fin skins, mermaid tails, and arm fins/cuffs are made to order which means that production times will apply to all orders.

How long items take to produce before they ship depends on what else is being processed at the time and what else you may have ordered.

The reason for this is that, for example, we will wait to send as many items as possible to the printer at time to fill up as much fabric as possible to avoid waste. This specifically applies to fin skins, arm fins, cuffs, and mermaid tails.

If you are ordering multiple items, some may arrive separately as they may have different production times or may be coming from different suppliers.

Slow fashion is a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of running a fashion-based business and we know that as mermaids, this is very important to us and all of our fellow fishes!

We appreciate your patience as we do our part to help reduce waste and help protect our oceans. 💙