I am dedicated to creating the most unique, beautiful and functional fabric mermaids tails to help you live your mermaid dreams. Each of my tails is designed from scratch and includes a level of detail and care that you won't find anywhere else. I create all of the designs myself, including custom scales that will be unique to your tail.

My goal is to create mermaid tails that help you experience all it means to be a mermaid. 


What is included?

Your mermaid tail package includes the following:

  • A signed print of the concept art for your mermaid tail.
  • A signed print of the final design of tail.
  • Matching mermaid bracers.
  • Special edition tail squad sticker.
  • Special edition tail squad enamel pin.
  • Signed certificate of authenticity (including your tail's nickname and creation date).
  • Custom scale design.
  • Your custom, high-quality, sublimation-printed fabric mermaid tail made to your measurements.

Commission Rates

The following rates are subject to change and are don't include shipping which I will calculate for you. Though I do ship worldwide, please be aware that if you live outside of Canada, you may face additional import fees at the time your tail arrives.

  • Mermaid Tail Package - $1375CAD - approx $1032USD
    • Includes the initial deposit/concept art fee.
  • Matching Swim Top* - $65CAD - approx $49USD
  • Matching Leggings* - $85CAD - approx $64USD 

*Swim tops and leggings are subject to specific sizes as they are not sewn in house. Please refer to the chart below if you have any questions. If you are between sizes, I recommend sizing up as they are a compression fit.

Payment Plans

I do accept payment plans where upon completion of the concept art, which requires an upfront payment of $150CAD, if you would like to pay in chunks, you are welcome to. Once I have received the payment in full then I will begin your mermaid tail.

makes a great mermaid tail?