As a professional artist from Vancouver (Canada), Courtney Mermaid began her mermaid journey back in 2006 with the creation of her first three Spandex tails with the help of her mother and grandmother. In 2011 Courtney created her very first painted tail and has been hooked on the art form ever since.

Courtney has a passion for encouraging others to believe in themselves and to love themselves for who they are and what makes them special. As part of this mission, Courtney Mermaid decided to develop a line of mermaid apparel to help her bring mermaid magic into the human world.

Through mermaiding we believe that we can not only spread awareness for ocean conservation but we can spread an anti-bullying message to those who need it most.

Mermaiding is about bringing back that spark, that little light that we all have inside of us that makes us unique and it is our goal to help you share your light with the world.