Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings
Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings
Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings
Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings
Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings
Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings

Dragon Betta Mermaid Leggings

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Live the mermaid life every day in our betta fish inspired mermaid leggings! These can be worn on land or in the water. Made of a compression fit performance fabric (milled in Montreal), these leggings are made to last. The fabric won't lose shape and the vibrant colours never fade!

Leggings take between 5-10 days to process, as they are made to order, before they ship. For Canadian and US orders you can expect shipping to take between 4-7 days after the initial production time. International orders will take longer.


  • Waistband made of swimsuit knit fabric for staying power.
  • Both fabrics manufactured in Canada.
  • The performance fabric features EcoPoly fiber, this fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing than conventional polyester.
  • Every pair of yoga leggings is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada.
  • Signature performance fabric is made by a local Montreal mill.
  • Compression fit, our yoga leggings hug in all the right places and suit all body types.
  • Vivid print that will never fade after washing, this ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings.
  • Waistband can be worn as a high waistband, or folded down to hug your hips.
  • Easy care, machine wash in cold water with a phosphate free detergent, machine dry on medium to high heat, do not bleach.
  • Fabric will dry quickly so you can wear your yoga leggings again soon.


    This fiber is considered eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing. They are easy to care for and have a vivid print that will never fade after washing. The ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings.


    These yoga pants have a compression fit due to the high spandex fabric. The leggings hug in all the right places and suit all kinds of body types. The printed waistband is just short of 5 inches thick. The thickness of this waistband is flattering for average, curvy and fit body types.

    Thank you for your interest in my mermaid tails! Please be sure to read through all of these frequently asked questions to make sure I haven't already answered your question before you contact me. Thank you!

    Q. What kind of fabric are your tails made of?
    A. My tails are made of a high quality thick Polyester, Spandex fabric.

    Q. How do you get your fabric printed?
    The process is called sublimation printing.

    Q. Where can I buy the fabric?
    The white fabric I use can be found online.

    Q. I sent you an email with my measurements, where am I on your list?
    Unless I have confirmed with you and you have paid for your tail, you will not be added to my list.

    Q. What size are your tails?
    My tails are custom sized to the outline you send me (off of which I take your measurements). These are not generic sizes.

    Q. Why do your tails cost more than other fabric tails?
    My tails cost more because they are a custom, handmade product made individually to your specifications. These are unique, beautiful works of art.

    Q. Does my purchase include a monofin?
    No, I do not include a monofin. If you would like to use my discount code with Finis you can do so at www.finisswim.com and my discount code is "mermaidcourtney" and it will get you 20% off your purchase.

    Q. When will I receive my tail?
    Wait times will vary given I have to wait to receive your measurements, make my fabric order, design the tail, bring it in for printing, sew it and ship it. Please contact me if you would like a more specific estimate. Wait times can range from 3 - 6 months up to a year at times.

    Q. How do you take my measurements?
    I will ask you to have a friend or family member trace out your body onto a sheet of paper (while wearing your monofin) starting at your waist where you would like the tail to start and tracing all the way around your monofin. You will then fold it up, mail it to me and I will take from it your measurements. Please include any special notes you feel necessary directly on the pattern.

    Q. Can I order tails in bulk?
    No, I am not currently set up to receive bulk orders. This may change in the future. Please contact me for more information.

    Q. Can I stock your tails in my shop?
    My tails are made to order to specific measurements so I do not have an inventory of tails that I can send out. Again, this may change in the future. Please contact me for more information.

    Q. Can I have additional fins on my tail?
    I do not currently offer additional fins for my tails. Thank you for your understanding.

    Q. Can you use (insert monofin) for my tail?
    I am currently able to offer tails for the FINIS Luna, Mermaid Linden Monofin and Mahina Merfin monofins. If would like to use a different fin other than what I offer and you are a local mermaid willing to loan me your monofin for detailed photos and measurements, we can potentially work something out, contact me for more information.

    Q. Can you make me a matching top?
    Yes, I am able to offer custom matching leggings and crop tops at an additional fee.

    Q. How do you do your waistbands?
    I can give you either a traditional elastic waistband or I can do a rolled over waistband and I will confirm this with you when I receive your outline/pattern. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons which we can talk about when you order your tail.

    Q. Are your tails see-through?
    No, my tails are not see-through.

    Q. Can I buy just the fabric and sew it myself?
    No, I do not make and sell the fabric for others to sew. Thank you for understanding.

    Q. Can you design a tail for my company and I will have them made elsewhere?
    I do not currently offer my design services for other tail makers or companies.

    Q. How long will my tail last?
    This is really going to vary from person to person. These tails are pieces of art and should be treated with respect. Do your best not to stand in your tail or rub it against harsh surfaces. Always rinse out your tail after every swim and let it dry completely before storing it. Never wring out your tail and hang it while it's soaking wet. Be gentle when you insert and remove your monofin. Following steps like these will ensure that you get the most out of your mermaid tail.

    Q. Can you add sequins?
    For an additional charge I am happy to add sequins to your mermaid tail.

    Q. Can I call you?
    If you would like to reach me, please email me at vancouvermermaid@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. If you would really like to speak with me over the phone we can set up a time. Please do not harass me on social media for my phone number or when you can call me. Thank you.

    Q. You made a tail I like and I want one exactly like it, can you make me one? Example: Nerdmaid Faith's H2O tail.
    I appreciate that you may really like a design I've already done and want a duplicate but please note that I won't make a copy of anyone's tail without their permission. Faith has generously said that she is fine with me duplicating her tail however other mermaids may not wish for their tail to by copied exactly so please keep that in mind. You are welcome to ask and I can see what I can do but no guarantees.

    Q. Can you make me a painted tail?
    I am not currently taking orders for hand-painted tails. Thank you for your interest!

    Q. How can I send you my design?
    Once you have made your purchase, I will get in touch with you and will send you a design template based on which monofin you would like to use. Please remember that the template is only a guide and I do reserve the right to make changes if I feel they will benefit or enhance the design of the tail.

    I will continue to add to this list as I receive more questions. Thank you to everyone who has been contacting me with interest in my work. I really appreciate it and it encourages me to keep going!

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