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Hey my lovely little fishes!

I now have a very special mermaid tail available for sale in my shop! It is one of only two (I have the other one) and can be made to your size specifications as it has not yet been sewn together. There will be a size limit unfortunately for this tail as it has already been printed - I have included all of the information on the sales page.

If you would like to see what this tail will look like (some variations will occur as I sew these by hand) I have included a video of me swimming in my tail.

This lovely tail uses the Finis Aquarius monofin (sold separately) and is opaque. In this video I am wearing black shorts and you cannot see them through the fabric which is a HUGE bonus when it comes to fabric tails.

I will be posting listings for fully custom tails (custom colours and sizes) soon if you are interested in having a tail made.

Happy Swimming!
Courtney Mermaid

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